The idea of founding the Produs de Cluj Association appeared at the end of 2010 and materialized a few months later, in February 2011. The initiator was the Cluj County Council, which was joined by the Cluj County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture (CJCPCTC) and Transylvania Agro Center. Later, the place of CJCPCTC was to be taken by the Popular Art School "Tudor Jarda".

Basically, the establishment of this organization was determined by the fact that the institution is responsible for the administration of Cluj County and realized the need to create a legal organizational framework to support small craftsmen and local producers. Specifically, the actions of the Asociatia Produs de Cluj are addressed to those entrepreneurs who preserve, preserve and promote the popular and culinary traditions of Cluj.

The actions organized by the Asociatia Produs de Cluj contribute to the development and promotion of small entrepreneurs, especially those from rural areas, but not only, in this sense organizing especially traditional fairs, thus ensuring the representation of Cluj County nationally and internationally. Through the facilities provided, craftsmen and farmers are encouraged to preserve the traditions, the presence at trade fairs helping them to promote and sell their products, thus contributing to the growth and development of the local economy. These are entrepreneurs who produce fruits and vegetables, jams, jams, natural juices and syrups, cold pressed oils, wines, bee products, but also small farmers who sell cheese, pork products, gingerbread, homemade chocolate, cakes, all prepared according to recipes passed down from generation to generation. The fairs held under the brand "Produs de Cluj" also include lavender and lavender-based products, folk costumes and their necessary accessories, handmade jewelry, ceramics, carved wooden objects and leather goods. The success of the organized fairs is ensured, first of all, by the fact that the partners of the Asociatia Produs de Cluj exhibit traditional food objects and preparations, made in their own households and workshops.

Annually, on average, 10-15 major national events take place, to which are added other events in which the Association acts as a partner. The first exhibition organized by the Association under the brand Produs de Cluj took place in June 2011, and in 2020 we reached the fair number 100. In addition, there were more than 50 attendances at similar events as co -organizer or partner.

If at the beginning exhibition events were organized in the cities of Cluj County, starting with 2012 "Product of Cluj" crossed the borders of the county and even of the country, in Bistrița, Zalău, Baia Mare, Iași, Ploiești, Bucharest, Satu Mare, Oradea , Arad, Deva, Mediaş, Alba Iulia, Mediaş, Sibiu, Timişoara, Suceava, Zakopane, London, Strasbourg, Kladovo. Since 2015, Cluj products are also present at the International Grune Woche Exhibition (Green Week) in Berlin, the most important fair for agriculture and food industry in Europe.

Consistent with the goals set by the founders at the establishment, the Cluj Product Association will continue to organize and participate in national and international events, in which producers and craftsmen who have been and are our partners will be able to present the wonders they have in soul, coming out of their hands.

But because now the times are unfriendly and we can't invite you to our fair, we tried and adapted to the new rules, so we come to your home, so you don't miss your favorite traditional food. We do it with the intention of taking care of us and you, respecting with holiness all the protection measures that are required in the current conditions. Therefore, we deliver to your door the "work" of our partners within the Cluj Product Association, from cheeses and meat preparations, cold pressed oils, jam and natural syrups, vegetables, honey, cakes and homemade chocolate, bread and cakes, wines and brandy, cosmetics and personal care products, handmade jewelry. All these are handled in compliance with the rules of hygiene and sanitary protection on the entire manufacturing, packaging and distribution chain, all approved by the responsible institutions.

Through this approach, we fulfill our mission assumed 10 years ago, namely to support small entrepreneurs, the basis of the local economy, while showing responsibility and in terms of limiting the movement of people, interaction between people, avoiding the congestion of commercial spaces

Asociația “Produs de Cluj” was founded at the end of 2010




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